Team Shops

Product Management
Boombah’s customization capabilities allow teams to offer team and spiritwear shops that allow players and parents to order their spiritwear through a dedicated site while taking the burden of collecting money and organizing order forms off the coaches plate and allowing them to focus on coaching.
Product Management
Project Management

– Created backend for sales team and front end display

– 100s of teams use the system

– Automated workflow alerts teams when store is ready

– Manufacturing view to help organize what needs to be made

Boombah is an online DTC brand and manufacturer that specializes in custom uniforms, equipment and footwear for athletes and teams. Their own factories give them a unique advantage to provide unparalleled custom goods, affordable prices and fast turnaround times.



Larger teams and organizations need an easy way to offer spiritwear and team items with out consuming a coaches time.

Along with creating these team shops for the large organizations, we needed to find an easy way for sales reps and artists to make the sites and create the offerings.

Just as we needed a system to enter and set up a site, we needed to also consider how these orders would be organized on the production end to help producing art files and organizing at the factory level.



Create a centralized dashboard to build, launch and manage team sites.

Information gathering and discovery sessions uncovered a variety of pain points for these sites. Everything from how the orders get grouped together, how they go into the ERP, to how all the assets can be quickly converted to a team when there are at a minimum 30 or more items at a time.

We developed several tools for asset creation, PO organization, and manufacturing breakdowns as well as a complete dashboard system specific to Boombah’s way of taking orders and making products in their own factory.

We had to make something very templated but still allow for flexibility in a quick and easy way for several different types of users to be able to execute these shops. We have also made an automated workflow for when shops are done that the team reps get automatically emailed that their shop is ready, limiting the number of customer facing interactions during the creation.