Project Management
The main store front for a fast growing athletic company that features footwear, equipment and custom uniforms for athletes and teams.
Product Management
Project Management

– Developed custom PDP templates built on ERP system

– Implemented site search and categories using 3rd party system

– Created landing pages for product launches

– Site sees about 250,000 visitors a month

Boombah is an online DTC brand and manufacturer that specializes in custom uniforms, equipment and footwear for athletes and teams. Their own factories give them a unique advantage to provide unparalleled custom goods, affordable prices and fast turnaround times.



As a direct to consumer brand the website was the primary way consumers interacted with the company.

With over 80,000 different stock skus, a variety of different product launches and customizable items the website needed efficient ways to get products up on the site and highlight certain level of products in innovative ways.



Needed a compelling cutting edge website that was structured and consistent while still being flexible.

As the needs of the business has evolved over the year, the website needed to have systems in place to facilitate these changes while still keeping the look and feel and making things templated where possible.

We broke down different sections of the website such as PDP page, category pages, navigation, as well as landing pages and put together processes and standards for photography, layouts, templates to accommodate the large number of skus.

With product launches and highlighting high margin items, we concepted and designed landing pages that featured these items in a more engaging way. We pushed the envelop where we could to highlight features and talking points where you might not be able to on the standard PDP and category format. We would wireframe and design layouts of these pages then set up photoshoots to generate the content specifically for the page all while building and launching the page on the site.